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( Nov. 29th, 2015 12:34 am)
I was not able to get to sleep last night. I started to lightly doze off just as my alarm to go to work went off. It really shocked my system and I started to panic, really worried about driving there and falling asleep at the wheel. Feel dizzy too, probably cause I am an idiot and took my medication so, so late (it's a side effect, that's why I take it at night) I'm doing this all wrong ><

Had to call my boss before 6am because any later would be a dick move, but calling at all ever feels like a dick move, especially so early on her day off. I was staring at her contact on my phone with my finger just hovering over it for over 15 minutes. I never feel able to make a phone call in the first place, let alone such an annoying and disruption one to the person on the receiver. My hands are still shaking a bit... some of these typos I am making are a bit funny. Hah..

I feel awful about it, but I'm more afraid of driving for so long right now.
Just have to try and calm myself. Get a bit of sleep at some point.

I have started doodling these shitty little bunnies with obvious balls to cheer me up and make me laugh. Started in a Drawpile session with a friend, I'd scribble a bunch of these on and around her drawings, laughs were had so it was good.
They can be my mascot. I need to make a keychain and a zine for these Balled Buns.

This was an odd post.



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