I started a journal on LJ, but something about it felt... confusing. Navigating other users and communities wasn't as simple as I remembered it a long time ago, or maybe all the places I'm interested in reading are gone. I'll give it a go here as well, see if it's the journal platform, or just me that is making it all feel weird. I have no idea.

I'll move my last posts here...


syntaxofthings: A great shot of the Super Moon in March 2011 ([Planetary] Moon)

From: [personal profile] syntaxofthings

Welcome to Dreamwidth! I'm a big fan. It's what LiveJournal was... 10 years ago? A place to write about our lives and connect with others like us.

I'm curious how you found my journal to subscribe to? I think I keep a fairly low profile, so I'm surprised.


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