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( Dec. 5th, 2015 02:59 am)
I tried to hype myself up to reveal my rose tattoo to my mother... and it is pathetic how afraid I am. I'm a goddamn adult. And it's a pretty tattoo, not something she wouldn't like to see. Yet.. I still feel ... scared.


Got it about.... 3 or so weeks ago, had it hidden this whole time. And it's going to start getting even warmer here, I don't want to have to wear 3 quarter sleeves just trying to hide it around her. And I don't want to hear her shit on about me wearing sleeves in warm weather, that is almost worse. How the fuck do I bring it up?

"Yo, you like roses yeah?"
"Hey, want to know a secret?"
"Guess who has two thumbs and a new tattoo."



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